Why do you need eCommerce product photo editing services?

Shopping online differs greatly from shopping physically. You can get close to the products only through the product images available online. So, in this case, enlarging the image and inspecting them from multiple angles is the only interaction possible when shopping online.

And this invites eCommerce dealers to use high-quality eye-catching eCommerce product images. Nevertheless to say, eCommerce product photo editing services composite the most fascinating images for your online stores.

With high-quality images, you allow your clients to judge the quality, desirability, and most importantly — get an in-depth impression of your brand.

Which eCommerce photo editing services do you need?

You’ll find a large number of eCommerce image editing services online. But, not all of them serve your purposes.

From the great variety of eCommerce photo editing services, you may need one or two at a time. It actually depends on the type of images and needs. You may also outsource tailored online product photography editing services depending on your targeted customers.

However, as an eCommerce seller, you might be dealing with multiple types of products. In that case, rather looking for a particular image processor, outsourcing to a professional eCommerce product photo editing service provider will save your time and — your wallet from draining too much.

On top of that, an online product image editing company can offer you specific services for your specific purposes. It will surely save you from hassle and let you concentrate more on your eCommerce business.

However, let’s find out which eCommerce product photo editing service serves what purposes —

  • Clipping Path:

Ecommerce product photos require chalk-white background to highlight the features. Professional eCommerce product photo editing services use hand-drawn clipping path technique to make the selection and extract the items/background. Then a white background is placed to give the products a crispier look. Clipping path services work on the items with sharp and tangible edges. This tool is designed to make the selection effective only on solid objects.

  • Multiple Path:

Multipath or multiple path service is nothing but a wing of clipping path service but more like focused on a particular genre of eCommerce product photo editing. In the images, where there is color variation and several colors or styles need to be focused differently — multiple path works like a gem.


  • Image Masking:

Ecommerce product photos that have fuzzy corners and random curves require image masking or clipping masking services to get rid of the annoying background. Numerous edges make it hard/impossible to acquire the edges using clipping path technique. Therefore, a sophisticated background removal technique like clipping masking is required. Like clipping path, image masking also isolates the subjects/background objects and adds a pure white or suitable background to make the images usable in eCommerce stores.

  • Color Correction and Color Changes:

E-commerce vendors offer a good range of products. If the products are not custom-made and available not only in one variety, there’ll have multiple color variations. But photographing them individually becomes is a bit pricey. Photoshop color correction or color variation service makes it possible to apply desired colors on all the items in Photoshop. Items like socks, t-shirts, caps, dresses, shoes, and many others require color change services to enrich online stores.


  • Crop & Resize:

Ecommerce websites need to be faster. It should provide hassle-free experience to buyers from different corners around the globe. But, high-quality images take a lot of space making the site heavier. So, using lightweight images is a viable solution. However, maintaining the quality and reducing the size contradicts each other where eCommerce product photo cropping and resizing service is an ideal option to solve the problem. This service crops irrelevant areas out, resize the picture to a favorable resolution to keep the quality intact but makes the image feather-light. And you get a faster website ready to load with just one click.

  • Ghost Mannequin & Neck Joint:

Apparel products for eCommerce stores are photographed using auxiliary materials including cloth hanger, mannequin, or sometimes real models. When displaying the product-only image, which is a must to reduce distractions and grab customer’s attention, you need to make the auxiliary materials vanish. Ghost mannequin service removes the supporting materials from the apparel products but keeps the shape intact. But it creates hollowness and the parts behind mannequins remain absent. Neck joint service rebuilds the missing areas and gives it a full view.  

  • Product Photo Liquefy:

Apparel products are hard to keep in consistent formation during the photoshoot. Moreover, it is hard to retain the curves and particular styles when snapped using support in the studio. Photoshop liquefy service is essential in reshaping the products and models in desired ways. So, no matter how misplaced your products are, or, how uninviting your models’ sizes are, you can apply a desirable shape to them through eCommerce product photo liquefy services.

  • E-commerce Product Photo Retouching:

Ecommerce product photos with enticing looks attract buyers the most. Products may get contaminated by numerous elements ranging from dust in the air to your unintentional damage. Such elements don’t make them look inviting and so, requires polishing. You can polish your eCommerce products digitally and remove flaws by using eCommerce product photo editing and retouching service. This will enhance the appeal and make your brand enticing enough.

  • Jewelry Retouching:

Jewelry retouching also belongs to eCommerce product photo editing and retouching except the genre is independent in its category. Ornamental and fancy products contain glittery materials, stones, gems, metals, and etc. They easily reflect lights and other objects around them — consequently, running vibrancy and charm. Jewelry photo retouching service is effective in removing flaws and retaining the genuine vibrancy and sophistication it owns.

What is the impact of eCommerce product photo editing on business?

Today’s consumers are highly visual. An eye-catchy image has the power to convert an unimaginable number of clients comparing to verbose marketing policy.

E-commerce is all about sophisticated display of product images. Since your customers are not privileged to feel the products at their hands you need to ensure rich-textured photos with elegant presentation style.

Ecommerce product photo editing services preserve product textures while making them look razor-sharp. Thus, your visual clients get attracted by them, and don’t hesitate to add them to the cart. Consequently, your business booms multiplying ROI rapidly.

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