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Finding models with the right body shape can be a pain. In addition, it requires a handsome amount of money to hire a model with a perfect body. Online traders; who use life-style images invest a lot for photo shoots. As a result, the majority of profits are consumed already. Photo liquefy services can be viable solutions to these situations. You can reshape the body size of your model using image liquefy services at reasonable costs.

Need to make the chin slimmer or nose higher? Use Photoshop liquefy service to do it without altering the natural look. Reshape plus size apparels into slimmer ones and use them online to make sales. Make your photos suitable for eCommerce stores and attract more customers.    

Apparel products for online stores need to be in proper sizes. Some of its parts need to be fluffy to highlight the feature. Photo liquefy service can do that digitally. So, you don’t need to shoot them again.

Advanced photo liquefy service provider can ensure the proper shape of your products. We provide the best photo liquefy service with fast turnarounds. So, outsource to our body reshaping photo editor to save money and time.

Photo Liquify Services at Live Clipping Path

Photo Liquify Services at Live Clipping Path

Image liquefy service is the process of reshaping an object. It alters the real shape and modifies it to make subjects according to your choice.

Adobe says,

“The Liquify filter lets you push, pull, rotate, reflect, pucker, and bloat any area of an image. The distortions you create can be subtle or drastic, which makes the Liquify command a powerful tool for retouching images as well as creating artistic effects. The Liquify filter can be applied to 8-bits per-channel or 16-bits per-channel images.”

For commercial purposes, Photoshop liquefy service is mainly used in slimming bodies. It is also used to fatten a subject or alter the shape into whatever you wish.

Product photo liquefy service can straighten lines and create curves. Actually, it treats the subjects as a liquid substance. So, you can reshape it however you like.

How to acquire perfect liquefy effects in Photoshop?

Acquiring perfect liquify effects in Photoshop requires extensive knowledge in this photo editing tool. However, you can use online liquefy tool to achieve the goal if you don’t have command over this tool. You can outsource to our advanced photo liquefy service to get awesome effects.

We are highly qualified in slim photo editor and can achieve your desired shape.

Applying liquefy effect to the subjects is not easy. It requires skilled hands.

However, to acquire the best liquefy effect in Photoshop, you need to follow the below procedures—

First, you need to learn the functions of Photoshop tools. After that, you can use them for specific purposes; e.g. Photo liquefy services.

To apply the best image liquefy service, photo editors use the below liquefy tool in Photoshop –

  •            •Forward warp tool
  •            •Pucker tool
  •            •Twirl clockwise tool
  •            •Reconstruct tool
  •            •Bloat tool
  •            •Face-aware liquefy tool
  •            •Push left tool

All the tools have specific purposes. Some of them make your items look fluffy, some make them slimmer.

Some of the liquefy tools reshape the objects in a different way. You’ll get the ultimate command over the shape of the object with these tools. But, first, you must have confidence in editing the photos perfectly.

If you are not sure of your expertise, let us do the job. Our skilled photo liquefy service providers are familiar with the tools. They can obtain the actual shape you desire. No matter how complex it is, we can put it in a decent shape that elevates the commercial value.

In addition, to acquire custom shape of the objects, you need to be familiar with the below operations.

  •            •Brush size
  •            •Brush pressure
  •            •Brush density
  •            •Stylus pressure
  •            •Brush rate etc.

If you manage to operate them properly, you’ll have an outstanding presentation.

Actually, instructing the ways of obtaining good shapes using photo liquefy tools is complex. You need to act differently for different subjects and products. Therefore, the above discussion is just the introduction to the tools.

You can reshape your images at affordable costs from us. And so, you don’t need to take the pressure of mastering photoshop liquefy services.

Why should you outsource to our Photoshop liquefy services?

We provide the best online photo liquefy services at fair prices. Our services are trusted globally and you can see the reflection on the review section.

We serve our clients with a sense of duty and responsibility. That’s what we are committed to. Our entire effort is focused on your betterment.

With our affordable image liquefy services, you can have business success. We never compromise with quality. In an online scenario, credibility and quality are essential. And, at any cost, we maintain it.

Our executives are trained to identify your needs quickly. So, they can ensure the best solution to your needs.

In addition, we offer several payment options with weekly, quarterly, and monthly payment system. But, this is only for our regular clients with batch images.

We also offer free-trial services and redo options for multiple times. With our strong privacy policy, we invite you to join our community and enjoy numerous benefits.

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