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Products usually don’t come in a single color. It differs in styles and color patterns. Product photo shoot requires around 5-8 photos of a single product. But, it only covers a specific version of that product. E-commerce traders need multiple variations of a product. So, a product requires multiple versions in terms of colors and features. Basic clipping path services fail to satisfy this complex job. It requires multi clipping path service, and we are good at it.


A product photographer charges a lot if you ask him to shoot your products individually. In addition, it is inefficient as you can create variations using multi path services at low costs. Online shops differ from the physical store and have unique ways of promotion. It displays the items using high-quality product images. To show the color variation, it only has two options. One is shooting the products which take a large sum of money. Another is using the best multi clipping path services at affordable rates.

So, most of the eCommerce vendors use the second option for conveniences. It allows them to get the color variation done within a short period. It also ensures the highest quality that is a must for online retailers. A multiple path service provider can help you attain the goal.

We provide the best color path services at reasonable rates. So, let us add colors to different parts of your products and sell a lot of products.

What is a multiple path service?

Multiple path or multi clipping path service is an advanced type of clipping path service. The difference of multi clipping path service and basic clipping path lies in their usability.

A basic clipping path deals with specific areas of a product. It takes a single object or area into account and applies the treatment. On the other hand, multipath service works on different parts of a product add features to them.

For example, you need to put red color on sleeves of a shirt and blue on the collar. This sort of image treatment can be achieved easily using this service. Usually, multi clipping path is used to add color variations. And so, it is also known as multi-color path service.

Multiple clipping path service uses Photoshop Pen tool and specifies areas to work separately. In doing so, it creates a variation of a single product. So, online shop owners can use them to show the presence of the desired products in stores.

Why multi clipping path service is so essential?

For product photos, multi path service is more than a necessity. It adds variations to the products making them diversified. The eCommerce retailers get chances to promote variations of items using creative multipath services. And, they can do it without going through another costly photo shoot session.

The demand for the best multiple path service is on the rise. And so, you’ll find hundreds of multi clipping path service providers. But, only a handful of them ensure the best quality.

We are one of them and we do it quicker. Even though color path service is complex to conduct, we can do it fast.

Our designers are proficient in it. They can handle your batch photo editing services at ease.

Color masking, a form of complex clipping path job, creates diversity. So, you can decorate your online store with suitable photos showing you have all the variety.

Whenever you need to add separate features and visuals within your products you may use this service. It will rectify flawed products and make them lucrative to the viewers.

Our skilled multiple clipping path service designers have years of experience. They know the tricks and can create vector lines to ensure smoother edges.

Who should use the multi clipping path services?

Multiple clipping path is mostly used in creating product photo editing. Apparel products, gadgets, and accessories require color variation in online stores. Color path services create this diversity and make products more salable online.

However, multipath service providers work for the below individuals and scopes—

  1. Photography studios
  2. Product photography agencies
  3. Freelance product photographers
  4. E-commerce vendors and traders
  5. Printing studios
  6. Online fashion and promotion platforms
  7. Newspaper agencies
  8. Modeling studios
  9. Marketing campaigns and so on.

Why should you outsource to our creative multi clipping path services?

The best multi color path service is possible to acquire through manual methods. Here, at Live Clipping Path, we avoid using automation. Every line is created manually and only by hand. So, nothing is left behind. And, your image gets the perfect smoothness around the edges. As a result, your products get the most attention. And, your products get the topmost sales.

We add the most vibrant colors to make them look pop. Plus, we add the most suitable background to ensure a better perception.

Our editing studios use the most advanced equipment. So, it requires less time than the others to execute multi clipping path job.

In addition, we offer reasonable rates. With a faster response tendency, we make sure you don’t miss the chance to use your images first-hand.

We have qualified support executives and you can find them online 24/7. Your data is safe with us as we never share them with others like Facebook. Plus, we accept various payment methods, and they are available worldwide.

In case, you are not confident, try our free-trial service and see our quality first. We’ll amaze you every time, no doubt.

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