Image Masking Service

Customers prefer a white background for the product. And, this number is no less than 38%.

No—that’s old. The new one is 76% as found after processing 7M product images. The majority of product shoots still demand white backgrounds while the usage of other colors is rising.

The reason?

Yes, you can show creativity while ensuring an accurate perception of colorfully designed products.

For a busy product photographer handling multiple clients at a time, it’s hard to ensure background removal, especially, when it is furry or hairy which needs image masking service.

So, outsourcing to the best photo masking service ensures better efficiency. And, it lets you put more attention to business development.

Customer satisfaction is a key point these days elevating business scopes. So, ensure the ideal images that make them pleased. And to do so, you need to take into account every last strand and optimize thereby.

We are here to make sure nothing goes unnoticed while masking your images no matter how complex they are. Our talented editors hunt down every thread and put them into the frame to acquire the most detailed output. Yes, we are that agile. And, we do it fast while charging you reasonably.

So, forget your worries about the tightest deadlines and budget. Let us present to you the advanced Photoshop masking service. And, make you surprised, every time.

Photoshop Image Masking Services at Live Clipping Path

What is image masking?

Product images with uneven edges provide little scopes to none extracting the subjects using clipping path. In this way, most of the strands get cut-out making it look poor.

Again, it’s not possible to crawl through millions of edges of hairs to mark them promptly.

So, you need a way of including those corners in your photos. Image masking in Photoshop is a possible resolution. It makes the acquisition of those edges easier. As a result, you get images with all of its details and textures.

The result, impossible to attain using clipping path–background removal, in this case, photo masking handles it.

So, images with hairy, furry, and frequent corners can be cut-out from background using image masking service.

From the above points of view, it is certain that image masking service requires steady hands. And, of course, advanced knowledge on Photoshop. Without proper mastery over Photoshop, it is hard to conduct proper clipping mask service.

It requires patience, time, and skill.

However, if you can make it through, the aesthetics of the images worth your efforts. You need to go around the straight edges first and keep the fuzzy edges for hair mask tactic. Nothing but the manual hand-drawn method is to be used. Otherwise, you’ll lose some texture hidden within the tiniest details.

As a result, you’ll fail your clients in providing the best images. In some cases, your business may shut down if you are selling using third-party platforms like Amazon, Shopify, eBay, and so on.

Who uses hair image masking services?

Anyone, from product to fashion and portrait photographers to online retailers can use picture mask service.

Since it is highly usable for background removal purposes, anyone associated with it can use this. However, image masking job requires keen eyes to the details. And so, attentiveness is the key to mask images with hairy objects.

It helps to retain naturalness while lifting up vividness. Thus, it elevates sales and helps you gain brand superiority.

Image masking service removes distractions and keeps the quality compact. So, your salable items get more engagement from the buyers. And, what’s more—you get loyal customers who used to be random visitors.

However, photo masking service is popular in photography communities. And, to add, the commercial value of image masking service attracts the below individuals—

  •           •Professional product photographer
  •           •E-commerce product listing professionals
  •           •Modeling agency
  •           •Fashion shooters
  •           •Portrait photographer
  •           •Catalog design companies
  •           •Brand and logo designers etc.

Usage areas of clipping mask Photoshop services—

On average, you can use image masking services whenever you encounter an image with a hundred edges. However, there are certain occasions where this service fits and not.

Photoshop image masking service fits where—

Your images have fuzzy corners, hairy areas, woolen surfaces, and furry elements. It also fits in a context where the items are transparent or semi-transparent. In addition, it is okay to use where there are stranded threads.

And, of course, when you are selling using third-party platforms like Amazon, Shopify, eBay, and so on.

But, Photoshop masking service is not suitable if your image contains sharp edges. It is also not applicable if the subject and background contain the same color.

Photoshop image masking services at Live Clipping Path:

We take pride in our editing quality along with our super-fast delivery skills. And, for the prices, we offer the most reasonable one.

Our skilled designers can handle your complex image masking job with ease. They are proficient in advanced masking. So, they don’t need more time than usual.

We believe two images can never be the same unless they are copied. Therefore, we consider every image differently and run our operation accordingly.


Our operation team is always ready to help you explore our services. They are 24/7 available. Knock them to get a quick response to your queries.

We use advanced technology and keep improvising until your images are smooth and sharp. Our whole image masking processing is manual. We do not use any automated tactic to acquire quality.

You’ll enjoy discounts from time to time and for batch images, the discount rises. We use multiple payment gateways and accept payments weekly, quarterly, and monthly.

We don’t stop until you get the best quality. And, don’t complain if you submit an image for correction.

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