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Clothing items with mannequins cause diversions. In some cases, dummies make it hard to experience the products in a 360 view. So, removing mannequins is a must-do tactic if you want to sell online. Ghost mannequin effect and neck joint service isolates dummies and remake missing areas. It makes them attractive and skyrockets sales.

How’d you treat your friend wearing a pricey Armani shirt without a few buttons? Let’s make it easier for you. 

Another friend of yours is wearing a tidy shirt with a price tag of $1.99. Nah, not in the same way—I guess.

Tidiness is the key selling point for an apparel e-store. 

Applying a ghost mannequin effect on your online clothing goods makes them look tidier. Besides, fixing wrinkles on clothes and readjusting the uneven areas make them look grand.

We provide the best ghost mannequin effect and neck joint service. Make your products more salable, eye-catching, and visually convincing. With the assurance of the fastest turnaround and highest quality we can assist you in gaining new heights.

Add a 360-view to your garment items. Let your clients engage more with your online stuff. Business experts recommend using an all-round view. It let your customers rotate and inspect from front to back; top to down. Use ghost mannequin editing to initiate the process now.

What is a ghost mannequin effect?

Ghost mannequin effect is a photo editing technique that makes dummies invisible in garment stuff. Some call it a hollow man effect or invisible mannequin effect as well.

For conveniences, product photographers use female ghost mannequin and male ghost mannequin removal services as well.

This way, the image editor extracts the plastic item leaving the portion empty. So, you have products without any plastic dummy or dress mannequin.

What is a ghost mannequin effect?

Neck joint effect is a way of rebuilding empty areas left in the ghost mannequin effect. When the plastic man is isolated it looks incomplete. It makes no sense to the item when you remove neck mannequin. 

Will your buyers spend their money to buy what they find out of shape?

I hope not. But, what if I say you’ll get thousands of clicks just for that product?

Sounds crazy, right? But, that’s true.

You’ll get clicks only from the curious buyers. They will click on it to see what is that product missing fabric where necessary.

But, we are here not to bring curious buyers. We are up for true buyers and so, you need to remake the missing areas of the clothing products.

Neck joint effect is the hero here. It uses the image of the product’s inner portion and places duly. This way, you get a complete, lucrative, and ready-to-sell product.

Why ghost mannequin effect service is crucial for apparel photography?

Product cameramen, especially for garment items, use mannequins to display and capture the products. 

There are some other ways—cloth hanging using fishing lines, hangers, flat lay, and real-life models.

Fishing lines and other methods are not suitable for all situations. 

Well, real-life fashion models charge a bit more.  They consume up the majority of the profit. So, for smaller vendors or start-ups, it is not a good option. Mannequins or dummies offer good solutions in this case. 

But, product photos that include those dummies reduce the visual appeal. Buyers often dump the stores that use images of that kind. As a result, the bounce rate increases bringing drastic SEO results. Not to mention how much your business suffers in revenue generation. 

Online vendors use invisible ghost mannequin service to attract sensible customers. It brings engaging customers—no doubt.

Therefore, removal of the irritating clothes mannequin is crucial. It creates a hollow effect. And, customers find it easier to set them within those hollow areas. 

The result?

The buyers develop a bond with the products and don’t hesitate to add them in the cart. This way, the ghost mannequin service helps you exploiting the sales funnel.

How to make a mannequin vanish?

It requires expertise in Photoshop or other advanced image editing tools. 

So, it is best to let the experts handle the job. But, if you are naive about the action of a mannequin removal technique then find a mentor. 

Well, you have the chance to learn it over the internet (e.g. YouTube or online learning platforms) without costs. 

To make things short, let me give you an overview of the workflow. 

It all starts opening the file in any image editing tool (e.g. Photoshop).

Then, use Pen Tool to mark the borders of the mannequin you want to remove. It’s a clipping path process. 

Now, extract the item. There’ll be a white background/context left once you extract the dummy. 

Now, to complete the execution, you need to apply the neck joint effect. Open the image that shows the inner portion in Photoshop.

Cut out necessary areas and place it on the image with no dummy in another layer. 

Adjust the height and width. Tweak the corners. Keep the borders in line.

And, your image is ready to use.

Looks easy, right?

Just a reminder for you—the step above shows the operation from the surface level. 

There are many actions that you’ll need to come to perfection.

Besides, it requires experience and practice. So, don’t risk your business by trying to do things on your own. 

Send your photos to us and let our experts handle the job perfectly.

Our image editing action—how do we provide the first-class experience for you?

We show zero tolerance to quality issues. Plus, our operation team is always there to show you the way around. Our pricing is competitive and offers regular discounts. We offer affordable ghost mannequin price but ensures premium services. We maintain a tight time frame and try our best to meet deadlines. 

Besides, we are the front liner in this industry and serving with reputations. 

You can count us as your reliable ghost mannequin effect service provider for reasons like—

Commitment and conveniences—

We are committed to ensuring an all-round image editing solution to your needs. 

Our core value relies on the transparency we ensure while serving you. We are committed to ensuring safety to your data as well as you. 

So, feel safe while you work with us. It’s in our attitude to making you feel welcomed to our community.

Our service is designed to relate your needs for the best experience. You will never us offering something to you that doesn’t make sense.  Your convenience is our satisfaction.


We have professionals dedicated to assisting you in need. They are available 24/7 and proficient in major online communication media.

Their work ethics reflect on the way they behave with our valued customers. We provide training from time to time so that they don’t miss the latest trends. Have an issue to discuss? Connect with any of our customer executives to see it solved.

Privacy matters (always)—

We are sensitive to your data. We honor your sense of privacy and uphold them at any cost. In this age, when big tech companies are selling their clients’ data to make more profits we do not follow their footsteps. We don’t use them unless you permit us to do so.

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