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Customers prefer a plain background for the product online. And, it has jumped from 38% to 76% in recent years. The majority of product shoots still demand white backgrounds while the usage of other colors is rising. 

You can show creativity while ensuring an accurate perception of colorfully designed products in plain backgrounds. Moreover, it creates less distraction.

For a busy product photographer handling multiple clients at a time, it’s hard to ensure background removal, especially, when the quantity is huge and requires manually hand-drawn clipping path services.

So, outsourcing to the best photo clipping path service ensures better efficiency. And, it lets you put more attention to business development.

Accuracy is vital in clipping path services and we maintain it at any cost. So, you get photos with the finest detail pleasing the buyers. We provide high-quality manually drawn Photoshop clipping path services. With Pen Tool in Photoshop, we mark even the tiniest curves and extract subjects to add a white and crisp background.

We are here to make sure nothing goes unnoticed while editing your images no matter how complex they are.

Yes, we are that agile. And, we do it fast while charging you so reasonably.

So, forget your worries about the tightest deadlines and budget. Let us present to you the advanced clipping path services. And, make you surprised, every time with our clipping path outsource services.

What is clipping path?

Clipping path or deep etching is a way of photo cut-out from the background. For functional purposes, it is also known as vector path and image clipping.

However, the main purpose of clipping path service is to cut-out images and add suitable backgrounds.

At Live Clipping Path, we confirm that the outline of an image is as crisp as possible. In doing so, we practice a manual method where we use Photoshop Pen Tool. We use this tool to draw the vector path around the edges. Thus, we remove the background from photos and add suitable ones.

In general, clipping path service is the digital way of cutting your favorite images from a magazine page with scissors.

It has plenty of benefits in terms of photo treatment. You can use the extracted images on different backdrops. You can manipulate it to set on a context perfectly.

But, in most cases, clipping path service is used for background removal of product photos. Third-party eCommerce vendors like Amazon, Shopify, and eBay prefer images with a clean white background. Without it, customers also fail to observe the product’s details.

So, to follow the eCommerce guidelines and make more sales, clipping path services are necessary.

Who uses clipping path Photoshop services?

Anyone, from product to fashion and portrait shooters to online retailers can use image clipping path services.

Since it is highly usable for background removal purposes, anyone associated with it can use this. However, image clipping service requires keen eyes to the details. And so, attentiveness is the key to apply photo clipping services.

It helps to retain naturalness while lifting up vividness. Thus, it elevates sales and helps you gain brand superiority.

The best Photoshop clipping path service company removes distractions and keeps the quality intact. So, your salable items get more engagement from the buyers. And, what’s more—you get customers converted who used to be random visitors.

However, clipping path service is popular in photography communities. And, to add, the commercial value of image clipping path service attracts the below individuals—

  • Professional product photographer
  • E-commerce product listing professionals            
  • Fashion shooters
  • Modeling agency
  • Portrait photographer
  • Catalog design companies
  • Brand and logo designers etc.

Different types of clipping path services depending on complexity:

As no two images are the same, so as the levels of clipping path services. It varies on the complexity of the images and subjects. However, the prices for clipping path services depend on it and can range from a few cents to dollars.

More or less, photo clipping path services are of the below categories—

  1. Basic Clipping Path

Images with simple edges require the basic clipping path services. It is the cheapest of all and requires only a few minutes.

Products like books, smartphones, boxes, and balls need the basic clipping path job.

  1. Simple Clipping Path

It is a bit hard than the basic one where there are more edges to markdown. There could be some holes and patterns making the job longer than the basic path.

  1. Medium Clipping Path

Medium clipping path services take more effort to accomplish. Subjects with several edges and corners require this service to remove background. There’ll be several paths making the extraction more difficult.

Complex Clipping Path

Usually difficult than the previous one and often includes multiple holes, patterns, and several products.

This type of clipping path service takes more time and is a bit pricey.

  1. Multiple Clipping Path

Multiple path is a modified form of complex clipping path service. Here, you can create multiple paths with different features. That is, you can add different colors and shadows in different paths without snapping the images again.

  1. Super Complex Clipping Path

The most difficult clipping path technique where the job is labor-intensive. With several paths and items within a single image, clipping path provider costs this the highest.

It also consumes a lot of time. Several types of paths are created to obtain the desired outcome. In combination, they fall into this category.

Photoshop clipping path services at Live Clipping Path:

We take pride in our editing quality along with our super-fast delivery skills. And, for the prices, we offer the most reasonable one.

We are the best clipping path service provider with years of experience.

At our clipping path company, our skilled designers can handle your complex image clipping path job with ease. They are proficient in advanced path creation. So, they don’t need more time than usual except for super complex clipping path service.

We believe two images can never be the same unless they are copied. Therefore, we consider every image differently and run our operation accordingly.

Our operation team is always ready to help you explore our services. They are 24/7 available. Knock them to get a quick response to your queries.

We use advanced technology and keep improvising until your images are smooth and sharp. Our whole clipping path processing is manual. We do not use any automated tactic to acquire quality. It actually doesn’t get any better rather make things worse.

You’ll enjoy discounts from time to time and for batch images, the discount rises. We use multiple payment gateways and accept payments weekly, quarterly, and monthly.

We don’t stop until you get the best quality. And, don’t complain if you submit an image for correction.

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